Policy Placement

Armourr always goes beyond the boundaries to understand the businesses of our clients better. This understanding helps us to translate the business process into an efficient and protective insurance program. Over time, the insurance carriers have developed high confidence in Armourr's technical competence and integrity. That helps us to protect our clients' interests in a more effective way.


Our Policy Placement Strategy

Gap Analysis Process

Armourr always starts our policy placement process with a prudent gap analysis.

In this, we catalog and map your business processes and identify the areas suffering from loss exposure.

After that, the loss exposures are mapped against the existing insurance for identifying the places where your existing insurance does not provide any protection.

We help our clients to settle for the risk covers, including the excess / deductibles, add-on covers, exclusions etc. we also help our clients to draft a request for a quote before approaching the insurers.

We assist our clients to get familiarized with the changing evaluation criteria for insurer selection, keeping the past experience of our clients in mind.

We check out the capabilities of the insurers.

We also submit the RFQs to the insurers as the exclusive insurance broking manager of our clients.

Quotation Analysis and Negotiation

We help our clients to evaluate the received quotation and start a process of comparison.

We facilitate meetings with the insurers to keep the entire process transparent.

We assist our clients in the negotiation process for finding the best coverage in the best possible price range.

Placement Confirmations and Required Negotiations

We analyze every quote and recommend the best insurer, who provides coverage for the current situation of the client.

Armourr completes the policy placement while keeping in mind all the necessary terms and conditions. We also consider the deposit or the remittance of the premium as per the term of the business.

Continued Coverage

For every kind of policy, we make sure that the clients pay adequate premiums and declarations at the right time. We also make sure that the insured sum is never inadequate.

Policy Drafting and Review

In complex policies, we create a draft policy and submit it to our client for review.

We make sure that the policy is issued as per the terms and conditions. If necessary, Armourr also launches an immediate endorsement to settle differences between the insurer and the client.

Claim Settlement Assistance

Claim settlement is like a litmus test for every insurance broking company. Whenever a claim arises, we continuously keep in touch with our clients till the claim is logically settled.