Aviation and AeroSpace

The aviation and aerospace industry are going through a constant change. Armourr understands that it helps the industry players to navigate the risk-laden challenges they face every day. Our cost-effective and innovative programs play a fundamental role in offering the industry players with confidence that they need to grow their business.

Working with Armourr's team that handles Aviation and Aerospace related issues will help you to access powerful resources, like industry intelligence, risk placements, analytics, risk consulting, and claims handling. All this expertise will help you cover the insurance requirements that can help you grow even faster.


Armourr Handles

Aircraft hull and liabilities.

Premise's liability and vehicles airside.

Aircraft hull war risks.

Personal accidents

Aircraft hull deductibles.

Pilot loss of license

Airport liability

Employers' liability.

Infrastructure and Energy

Whether it is a developed or developing country infrastructure is of utmost importance. Every year, billions of dollars are spent on building, repairing, and maintaining infrastructure for port, transportation, terminals, energy, and power. But the problem is completing these tasks is not that simple, which makes the whole thing a quagmire for insurance wrangles and related risks.

For the infrastructure and energy industry, Armourr offers encompassing and pertinent solutions. We critically analyze each of the variables of the sector and the associated exposures. We also create risk management solutions and related transfer mechanisms for the customers. All of these help us to offer comprehensive coverage at pocket-friendly prices.


Banks and Financial Institutions

The world of financial institutions and banks is full of uncertainty and risks. Every day, these institutions deal with thousands of different exposures that are unique to this industry. To help them out, Armourr offers a wide range of insurances for financial institutions and banks which includes, credit unions, investment advisers, insurance companies, hedge funds, venture capital, mutual funds, and private equity firms.

The dedicated policies of Armourr understand the unique problems that financial institutions face every day. The extensive industry knowledge of our experts helps us to formulate the insurance program that gives protection against a spectrum of issues. We also check the bancassurance requirements of the financial institutions. We are flexible and dedicated enough to offer customized insurance solutions to our customers from the Finance and Banking sector. All in all, Armourr is the one-stop insurance solution provider for financial institutions and banks.

Manufacturing Industry

The massive manufacturing industry deals with a huge number of various skills, specialties, various trades, and risks. No matter what kind of manufacturing business you run, when it comes to risks, you need the protection of the insurances. Fortunately, Armourr is here to reduce the risks and protect your business as well as your employees.

The experts of our company have enough industry knowledge to navigate through the problems that generate when you operate in a business environment. From mitigating risks to offering risk consulting services, we offer a wide breadth of coverage options to help your business grow. We have the scale, scope, and agility that can help you move forward.

We take care of

Employees Liability

Public Liabilities

Product Liabilities

Business continuity planning

General Liabilities

Health and Safety Risk Assessment etc.


Media and Entertainment

There is hardly another industry as charming and dynamic as Media and Insurance. It is not surprising that the insurance requirements of the industry are different from the others as well. The specialists of Armourr specialize in the industry and a wealth of experience. That helps us to understand the characteristics of the industry and chalk out innovative insurance solutions for our customers.

Armourr understands that one size does not fit all. Starting from film production to hosting live events, the media and entertainment industry is full of various techniques, equipment, activities, and personnel, each requiring different insurance solutions. Our Media and Entertainment Industry experts design insurances that can be tailored to match the requirements of every client. We always strive to address the emerging risks and deliver the right solutions so that our customers do not face any difficulties in the long run.

Sports and Events

For a long time, sports are associated with adrenaline and high energy. The emotion and sentiment attached to the sporting events make it a lucrative industry. The broadcasters and corporates across the world are pouring resources into sporting events across the world. However, the dynamic variables of sporting events make it even more vulnerable to risks.

That is where Armourr steps in. Our experience in the industry helps us to analyse the uncertainties and chalk out the coverages that suit the requirements the best. Our comprehensive insurance for sporting events is well structured and protects from various kinds of risks and the associated issues.